Rogers City Faculty - 1946
Contributed by Barry Heinzel

Photograph taken by my brother Charles L. Heinzel using a 35mm camera.Rogers City High School, Rogers City, Michigan / April 1946 Rogers City MI 122 Teachers, April 29, 1946 The names of the staff as listed below with the help of my brother Arthur G. and wife Bea (Nowak) Heinzel Back row#1-Music teacher---Louizzo (do not remember first name, spelling might not be correct)#2-Shop and mechanical drawing--Milt Hoffer#3-Superintendent--Howard Gilpin#4--??#5--??#6-Chemistry teacher--(do not remember name) #7-Sports-Jim Quinn#8- Werda (do not remember first name)#9-Principal-Harry Grambau Front row#1-??#2- English teacher-Helen Paradise#3-English teacher-Marion Grambau#4-Math teacher-Mattha Klinsman#5-??#6-Bookkeeping-Marion Bechtelheimer#7-US History-Lehndorf (do not remember first name)#8-??#9-Mrs Rains (taught what???)(do not remember first name)width="600" Other photographs of the high school band and grades 8 through 12. All from 35mm film and taken by Charles L. Heinzel. Rogers City MI 123 Grade 8 Apr 1946 Rogers City MI 124 Grade 9 Apr 1946 Rogers City MI 125 Grade 10 Apr 1946 Rogers City MI 126 Grade 11 Apr 1946 Rogers City MI 127 Grade 12 Apr 1946 Rogers City MI 103 Apr 29 1946 BandContact:Barry Heinzel100 Charter Ct.Manistee,   

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