St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran School
Submitted by Don Knopf

St. Michaels School 1878

St.Michaels Church, School, and Parsonage in 1900

The original Belknap Township St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran School, constructed in 1878, served until 1940 when a larger building replaced
it and the original school was torn down. The original school also served as the Church until 1893 when a separate building was constructed.
The teacher of the school was also the Pastor of the congregation until 1947 when Candidates from Concordia University of River Forest, IL
replaced the Pastor as teacher. The Pastors who served as teachers of St. Michael's were: Rev. Antonius Bohn (1873-1880), original building Rev. Joel David Druckenmiller (1880-1882), original building Rev. Bruno Potzger (1882-1906), original building Rev. Heinrich 'Henry' Essig (1906-1913), original building Rev. William Schoenow (1913-1919), original building Rev. Louis Heinecke (1919-1925, 1929-1937), original building Rev. Carl Volz (1925-1929), original building Rev. Dr. Edwin Weber (1937-1944), original building and new school Rev. Donald Heck (1944-1947), new school

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