St. Paul's Catholic School--Onaway
Contributed by Nute Chapman, Jim Hall, & Sally Beatty Kemme

ST. PAUL�S CATHOLIC SCHOOL  On January 1, 1911 Fr. McGinn announced that with a balance of $109.02 in their
parochial fund that it was time to erect a Catholic school in Onaway. With the
backing of the congregation the school opened September 8, 1911. Bishop Richter
blessed St. Paul�s School. That first year enrollment was 140 students. Three years
later, in 1914, the school had a need to be enlarged. During that year, the roof was
raised and a forty foot extension was added to the building making it �L� shaped 60 X
70. The building was two stories high with a full basement and the second floor
included an auditorium. Because this was now the largest building in town, it was
used for all types of community functions such as plays. In 1924, the Lobdell Rim Factory burned and the owners decided to transfer the plant
to Alma thus causing 60% of the population of Onaway to move. At that time the
decision was made to drop the 9th grade in June of that year. By September 1924,
there were only 45 students in the entire school. June 1927 the St. Paul�s Catholic
School was closed due to lack of funds and pupils. 1906-1956 Golden Jubilee� St. Paul�s Parish, Onaway, MI, 1956. This information was compiled and contributed by Nute Chapman, Sally Beatty, and Jim Hall.

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