Vietnam Casualties

  *For persons who died while missing or captured, the date of casualty is the date died or declared dead (e.g. date of a finding of death), 
not the date declared missing or captured.

Last            First/Middle     Rank    Service Home Co.      Home City        DOD              POD              Casualty
Borrousch       Dean Walter      PFC     Army    PresqueIsle   Hawks            02/19/1970       S. Vietnam       Hostile, Killed
Bruning         David Kenneth    SP4     Army    PresqueIsle   Rogers City      03/04/1968       S. Vietnam       Hostile, Killed
Chapman         Charles Dane     PFC     Army    PresqueIsle   Onaway           10/31/1967       S. Vietnam       Hostile, Killed
Mc Creery       Floyd Sanford    SP4     Army    PresqueIsle   Rogers City      01/21/1970       S. Vietnam       Non Hostile, Died Other
Purgiel         Robert Charles   SP4     Army    PresqueIsle   Posen            11/15/1969       S. Vietnam       Hostile, Died Wounds


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