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John Truman Jackson & Edith M. Dilley

John Truman & Edith Mae (Dilley) Jackson

  Submitted by: Betty C. Jackson


John Truman and Edith Mae Jackson retired to Jackson Street, Sunfield, Michigan in 1919. Before moving to Sunfield they owned and farmed land in Sunfield and Roxand Townships, Eaton County. John Truman was born February 6, 1863 in Manchester, New York, the second child of Mann and Frances (Almon) Jackson. Mann and Frances were born in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England. Mann in 1838 and Frances in 1841. They migrated from England to New York State in 1856 and then to Eaton County in 1865. Mann and Frances were married in Manchester, New York in 1860. They settled on 120 acres in section 18, Roxand Township. Mann and Frances had three small children at that time and lived in a small frame house. Later on in 1892, they built a brick-veneered home (this property is now owned by Dana Troub). They were parents of six children. their children attended the Dow Rural School in Sunfield Township.

MANN JACKSON passed away in 1919 and Frances in 1912. Both are buried in the Welch Cemetery, Sunfield Township.

EDITH MAE (DILLEY) JACKSON was born December 12, 1871 in Roxand Township, the third child of Jonas and Charlotte (Baldwin) Dilley. Edith had three brothers and two sisters: Irwin, David, Jonas, Dora and Vera. Edith Mae attended the Dow School also.

JOHN TRUMAN JACKSON and EDITH MAE DILLEY were married September 11, 1887 and to this union were born four children: a baby boy who died at birth; Mable A., Charlie Mann and Frank.

In 1894, John T. bought forty acres of land from his father, Mann Jackson. John and Edith built a house and barn on this property which is located in section 18, Roxand Township and this is where they raised their family and lived until 1919. In 1908, John bought an additional ten acres on the west. John sold this fifty acre farm to his son Charlie M. in 1919. Charlie's son Lester bought this fifty acre farm in 1973 and it is still owned by the family. This farm was designated a centennial farm in 1978.

John T. Jackson's grandparents, John and Mary Ann (Mann) Jackson were also born in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England. They were the first generation of the Jackson family to settle in the state of Michigan. John Jackson was born in 1812 and passed away in 1867. Mary Ann was born in 1811 and died in 1875. John and Mary Ann migrated from England to New York State in 1856 and then to Eaton County in 1864. They settled on forty acres of land in Eaton County, section 13, Sunfield Township. They lived in a log cabin. they were the parents of seven children, six of whom settled in Eaton County also.

Besides being a good farmer, John Truman Jackson was also a carpenter. He continued to work at the carpenter trade after moving to Sunfield. He had a workshop in his garage in Sunfield. This is where he hand-crafted red cedar heart shaped boxes for each of his grandchildren. At the age of seventy-three, he helped re-build a barn for Earl Rogers who lived on Eaton Hwy., north of Sunfield. And, there was this beautiful Madonna Lily Garden that he tended, located on the south side of his home in Sunfield. When he decided to get rid of the Lily Garden, he gave many members in the family some of those lilies. (I still have some of those lilies growing in my gardens).

When John T. Jackson was courting Edith M. Dilley, he did so by walking across the fields and through the woods to the Dilley home which was about a mile south of the Jackson home. Consequently, he made a path through the wheat fields where the Hessian Fly could not survive. It has been said, that when John and Edith went to the jewelry store to purchase Edith's wedding ring and because Edith's hands were so small, the clerk said to John, "I didn't know that you were marrying a doll".

John and Edith were affectionately known to their grandchildren as "Grandpa and Grandma John". Each Christmas they entertained their children and grandchildren. They continued to do this until their home in Sunfield could no longer hold the growing families. Grandpa John had this wonderful mustache, which he had as a young man as well. It was always a treat to see how skillfully he could eat peas from a knife. Grandma John was a short chubby lady who made these delicious sugar cookies, which were always there for the grandchildren when they visited. And, she always seemed to find a nickel for each grandchild.

"Grandpa and Grandma John" will always be remembered for their gentle and loving ways and the attention that they gave to their grandchildren who visited them often at their home in Sunfield. Summer vacations was a fun time at their home and there were the times when Grandma would pack a lunch and Grandpa would drive them all to the county Fair in Charlotte. And there was the time when a granddaughter had the measles and Grandma let her sleep in their big feather bed. Visits to "Grandpa and Grandma John's meant playing on the big front porch and trips to the store to buy ice cream cones.

Five generations of the Jackson Family have attended the Dow Rural School which includes both John and Edith, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

John T. and Edith M. Jackson passed away in 1948 and are laid to rest in the Welch Cemetery, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan.

Edith Mae (Dilley) & John Truman Jackson

Welch Cemetery, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan


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