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Tuscola County Michigan

List of Cemeteries


You will find that many of the cemetery listings take you to the actual MIGenWeb County sites.  If you have any questions about researching a cemetery PLEASE go to the appropriate County page and check information there or ask the question of the local county coordinator. I CANNOT help you with specific questions.

Cemetery Location Township
Almer Township Section 35, Deckerville and E. Caro Road/M-81, Caro. Almer
Arbela Township/Gunnell Section 25, off Belsey Road. Arbela
Arbela/Newton Section 8, W. Millington Road. Arbela
Brookside Section 20, Slack Road, Fairgrove. Fairgrove
Caro/Indianfields Township Section 2, Ellington Street, Caro. Indianfields
Catholic Section 36, Liberacki Street, Unionville. Columbia
Columbia Corner Church/Saint Peter's Lutheran Section 21, French Road, Unionville. Columbia
Columbia Township Section 26, off Dickerson Road, Unionville. Columbia
Columbia Township/Town Section 7, Graf Road, Unionville. Columbia
Dayton Center Section 15, Hurds Corner Road. Dayton
Demarest/Demorest Section 23, 3735 Hoover Road West, Akron. Akron
Demerest/Perkins Section 3, Dutcher Road, Akron. Fairgrove
Denmark Township Section 7, Hill Street, Reese. Denmark
Disbrow/Fuller Section 15, Ash Road, Vassar. Vassar
East Dayton Section 33, Sanilac Road/M-46, East Dayton. Wells
Elkland Township Section 34, Cass City/M-81 and Schweigler Roads, Cass City. Elkland
Ellington Township Section 16, Dutcher and N. Hurds Corner Roads, Caro. Ellington
Elmwood Township/Hillside Section 27, E. Cass City Road, Elmwood. Elmwood
Fremont Township/Mayville Sections 26 and 26, in Mayville. Fremont
Gagetown Section 12, S. Cedar Run Road, Gagetown. Elmwood
Gilford Township Section 26, Bradleyville Road, Gilford. Gilford
Hickory Highland/Hickory Island Section 4, Bay City-Forestville Road/M-25, Unionville. Akron
Hopkins/Willard Road Section 31, Willard Road, Millington. Millington
Juanita Township/Watrousville Township Section 9, off Ringle Road. Juniata
Kilbourn Section 11, Oak Road, Vassar. Vassar
Kingston Section 3, Cemetery and Sanilac/M-46 Roads, Kingston. Koylton
Millington Section 9, Main Street and Fulmer Road, Millington. Millington
Moravian Section 7, Bay City-Forestville Road, Unionville. Columbia
Moreland Section 35, Sheridan Road. Fairgrove
North Grove Section 3, Hunt Road, Mayville. Fremont
North Wells Section 10, Hurds Corner Road, Caro. Wells
Novesta Church Section 16, Road, Cass City. Novesta
Pine Grove Section 31, Lewis Road. Arbela
Potters Field/Tuscola County Poor Farm Section 36, Deckerville and E. Caro Road/M-81, Caro. Almer
Private Section 9, Caine Road, Vassar. Vassar
Riverside Section 13, Frankenmuth Road, Vassar. Tuscola
Sacred Heart Catholic Section 2, Ellington Street, Caro. Indianfields
Saint Agatha’s Section 12, South Street, Gagetown. Elmwood
Saint Agatha’s Section 34, Clifford Road. Dayton
Saint Joseph's/Saint Patrick's Section 32, Kingston Road, Clifford. Koylton
Saint Michael’s Catholic Section 17, Kingston Road, Wilmot. Kingston
Saint Michael’s German Lutheran Section 30, Van Buren Road, Richville. Denmark
Siple Section 25, White Creek Road, Kingston. Koylton
Tuscola Township Section 28, Loren Road, Vassar. Tuscola
Unknown Section 33, Barkley Road, Vassar. Tuscola
Unknown Section 8, off Hart Road, Reese. Site no longer exists. Denmark
Unknown Section 1, Sheridan Road. Site no longer exists. Juniata
Unknown Section 26, Gilford Road, Gilford. Site no longer exists. Gilford
Vassar City Section 12, Oak Street, in Vassar. Site no longer exists. Vassar
Wahamega/Wahjamega Section 17, Walk Road, Caro. Indianfields
Watertown Township Sections 13 and 24, 349 Millington Road, Fostoria. Watertown
Watrousville Village Section 29, off Hinson Road, Fairgrove. Site no longer exists. Fairgrove
West Dayton Section 17, Blackmore and Treasurer Roads. Dayton
Wisner Township Section 23, Bay City-Forestville Road/M-25, Wisner. Wisner

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